Biannual roundup of your favorite posts

Above photo from Postcard from Toulouse, France: Falling in love one quirky detail at a time

The year 2022 brought a reshuffling of what blog entries caught your attention. You dove back as far as 2010, an indication of how long I have been blogging.

You politely made one of the stories drawn from research for An Ostrich-Plumed Hat, And Yes, She Shot Him Dead your number one favorite, clearly attracted by Texans’ love of pralines. You continue to support efforts to populate Brackenridge Park with ghosts, and thanks for welcoming a post about my new hometown focusing on the history of Zilker Park. And the quirkiness that is Toulouse sparked your attention. In other words, your interests are as unpredictably wide-ranging as my posts.

The following list represents the biannual results of what postcards you gravitated to most frequently during the past year, with the numbers in parentheses indicating rankings from six months ago when applicable.

  1. A sweet San Antonio mystery: Where did the Candy King’s recipe go? 2022 (3)
  2. A place to seek miracles, 2020 (1)
  3. The Madarasz murder mystery: Might Helen haunt Brackenridge Park, 2012 (5)
  4. Diving down rabbit holes: Fledgling 19-teens’ silent film industry proved distracting, 2022 (8)
  5. Zilker Park: Founded on a fortune made in ice, 2021
  6. Postcard from Mexico City: The Lord of Poison and potent relics, 2017
  7. Postcard from Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy: History with a horse hanging overhead, 2019 (11)
  8. Brackenridge Park: A ghost gives chase to his daughter’s murderers, 2021 (4)
  9. If ghosts RSVP-ed, would they skip the party? 2022 (12)
  10. Postcard from Toulouse, France: How to fall in love, one quirky detail at a time, 2022
  11. Please put this song on Tony’s pony and make it ride away. 2010
  12. Postcard from Toulouse, France: Cheese, pastries and menus fluent in French flavor, 2022

Posts have been a little sparse during the past six months, but expect a flood of belated photos from our spring trip to Spain to pop up soon.

Thanks for dropping by, and please remember chatting back in the comments section definitely is welcome.

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