Postcard from Malaga, Spain: Street Art, Part III

Some street art is contentious; some is soothing. Some is found tucked away on tiny side streets; some scales tall buildings.

Here is the third installment of art encountered during wanderings in Malaga.

Perhaps T-V-Boy says it best in a series of murals painted this past spring: “Malaga Loves Art.”

T-V-Boy Malaga 2019

Postcard from Malaga, Spain: Street Art, Part II

So here’s the second installment of following the trail street artists have marked in Malaga….

Click here to view Part One.

Postcard from Malaga, Spain: Street Art, Part I

Pulpo and wine. Not an uncommon combination for us while in Malaga, but fortunately we had an apartment for recovery. And octopi never invaded dreams, as far as I know.

The historic center of Malaga is pretty pristine, with polished marble pavers on pedestrian streets gleaming as though in a palace.

A few steps outside, and artists displaying varying degree of talents begin to commandeer attention in several neighborhoods. Some work is obviously invitational or approved; others unauthorized. Some artists cannot resist reminders that this is the birthplace of Picasso.


This post represents one of a series of shots snapped during wanderings. For visitors, street art always seems a way to gain a deeper understanding of people inhabiting a city.

More to come later.