Whoopee, biannual roundup: Favorite postcards from this blog

Above: Remnants of the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture are found at its former home on South Lamar Boulevard.

Yes, I know. This blog is suffering a bit of an identity crisis. First, 2020 abruptly cut short my boulevardier ways, and then in early 2021 we pulled up stakes and moved up the road to Austin.

This blogger entertained herself throughout much of the pandemic by posting her entire novel – An Ostrich-Plumed Hat, and, Yes She Shot Him Dead – online, slowly unfolding it chapter by chapter. A few of my readers actually followed Hedda Burgemeister all the way through her 19teens trial for murder; although, I had been hoping for a little more feedback and filming rights have yet to be sold. Others have embraced posts about our new neighborhood as we started boulevardier-ing north and south off Lamar Bouldevard.

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Ninety-Seven

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Hedda Burgemeister Turley, February 1919

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Ninety-Six

an ostrich-plumed hat

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Hedda Burgemeister, May 1918

Not one knock on her door. And this is the fourth morning for the advertisement to run in the newspaper.

Her neighbors treat her nicely, as always. Well, several might be a little more reserved than before. Yet Hedda finds herself lonely, particularly in the evenings. The rooms in her once-cozy cottage loom large and shadowy when she sits down to read.

There must be numerous kind women who would find the second bedroom comfortable. Women who would welcome free lodging. The street is tidy and well regarded.

Of course, anyone reading the newspaper is familiar with her last name. But she was found innocent. It was self-defense. No one should fear her.

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