About the Storyteller

Gayle Brennan Spencer migrated from Virginia to San Antonio 40 years ago, equipped with a degree in international relations hampered by French as a second language.  Following major stints of time with the Paseo del Rio Association creating such meaningful San Antonio traditions as the Mud Festival, she departed to make her living on the computer as a freelance writer. The majority of her writing and design work was for nonprofit organizations.

In August 2004, Gayle returned to the River as Executive Director of the fledgling San Antonio River Foundation working to secure private contributions to complete the San Antonio River Improvements Project. With more than $10 million in pledges received for the project during her final fiscal year there, Gayle decided to stop to catch her breath – even take a vacation or two.

She now writes and devotes herself to practicing the art of slow travel full-time.

Her nonfiction book about Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker, Last Farm Standing on Buttermilk Hill: Voelcker Roots Run Deep in Hardberger Park, was released in 2010.

When distracted from working on her novel about Hedda Burgemeister and Otto Koehler, An Ostrich-Plumed Hat, and, Yes, She Shot Him Dead, Gayle tells stories through collages, which can be viewed at http://postcardssanantonio.com/. She tweets under @postcardsfromsa.

To complement Gayle’s midlife forays into producing historic fiction and postcard art, her husband Lamar plays lead guitar in a blues band – After Midnight Blues Band.

8 thoughts on “About the Storyteller”

  1. Thanks for the great comments about the NIOSA-2010 medal. We definitely think it is the best one yet! Nancy


  2. Hello Gayle, I just stumbled across your site because I was searching for some images of HemisFair. I was pleasantly surprised to see your blogpost about the Women’s Pavilion at HemisFair Park’s 3C Project. I am overseeing the project currently, and would like to speak with you further. Please contact me. Thank you!


  3. Greetings Mrs. Spencer,
    I would like to thank you for adding the link to myVelleity in your blogroll. It is truly appreciated, and quite honestly, I consider it an honor to be included among so many fine websites/publications! While perusing your writings here at postcardsfromsanantonio, I feel that we share the same motivations, which are to keep alive and share all that makes San Antonio such a charming and unique place to live. You’ve gained a new Subscriber and I anticipate reading many more informative & thoughtful posts to come.
    Best Regards, Scott Segler


  4. Hi Gayle, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting our blog and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.


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