Postcard from Siracusa, Sicily: Water indeed creates a ‘strange island’

Normally, I fail to designate states in my headlines and opt for the country alone. Poor identification in geo-political terms, but being proper would demand even more cumbersome headlines for my travel posts. In this case, I’m breaking with tradition and am ignoring Italy because Sicily seems almost another country.

Sicily hangs close to the toe of Italy’s boot as though a ball kicked off the mainland, floating amid the waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas and the rest of the Mediterranean. Through the centuries, the island often fell under the rule of other powers than that of the mainland.

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Postcard from Queretaro, Mexico: Strolling around an outdoor gallery and historic center

Above: “Aurora Reyes Flores, First Woman Muralist of Mexico,” by Itandewi and Raquel Estrada

In commemoration of International Women’s Day in March, 100 women spent a weekend applying their designs to 100 screens mounted on the perimeter fence of Alameda Hidalgo. Organized by Santiago de Queretaro’s Secretary of Culture and Nueve Arte Urbano, “Exposicion Colectiva M100” paid tribute to historical figures who had contributed to the struggle for equal rights for women in Mexico. We were fortunate to stumble across the exhibition saluting impressive women as portrayed by talented young artists during our short March visit there.

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Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Hasta la proxima

Oaxaca. The colors. The skies. Constant celebrations. The flavors. The people. Blooms bursting forth. Ever-present protests. And incredibly comfortable climate during the months when El Norte can be cold and dreary.

Always welcoming.

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