Texans sure like reading about Texas

Above: 2021 brought new ghost lore for Brackenridge Park.

In the end of the year push to publish An Ostrich-Plumed Hat, and Yes She Shot Him Dead, I almost forgot the all-important round-up of your favorite posts from 2021. Most readers appear to favor stories about their hometowns, whether it is San Antonio (still Alamobsessive as ever) or Austin. Or maybe this represents a two-year confinement blip, where you are looking for comfort close to home and aren’t fully prepared to play boulevardier yet.

The following list represents the biannual popularity contest winners from the past year, with the numbers in parentheses indicating rankings from six months ago when applicable.

  1. Who was the ‘Barton’ of the springs?, 2021 (2)
  2. Please leave my friend Phil out of the ongoing Battle over the Alamo, 2021
  3. Zilker Park: Founded on a fortune made in ice, 2021 (3)
  4. A place to seek miracles, 2020
  5. Most precious part of Zilker Botanical Garden reflects the spirit of one man, 2021 (4)
  6. The Madarasz murder mystery: Might Helen haunt Brackenridge Park, 2012 (10)
  7. The lush landscape frostbitten, art commands centerstage at Umlauf Sculpture Garden, 2021 (5)
  8. Brackenridge Park: A ghost gives chase to his daughter’s murderers, 2021
  9. Colorful remnants of SouthPop linger on South Lamar, 2021 (6)
  10. Oakwood Cemetery: Gleaning snippets of history from headstones, 2021 (8)
  11. Sisters like two peas in a pod: Perhaps they shared a wedding dress as well, 2021 (7)
  12. Postcard from Guanajuato, Mexico: While we spent a year home cooking, chefs did not lose their touch, 2021
Seeking comfort in the Chapel of the Miracles, 1942, San Antonio Light Photograph Collection, UTSA Libraries Special Collections
And beginning to step out to take comfort in food encountered on travels, this image was from a postcard sent from Guanajuato: Carpaccio de pulpo con xoconostle y polvo de chiles secos at Mestizo.

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