Postcard from Guanajuato, Mexico: ‘Quiero volver, volver, volver’

Above, “Volver, Volver” in La Clave Azul

Leaving Guanajuato City, you always know you want to return, as in the chorus of that classic ranchera.

This assortment of images is as jumbled as the colorful houses climbing up the mountains surrounding the city or the sounds emanating from musicians stationed along her streets.

A good spot to bid adios to the city is to duck in for a mezcal at La Clave Azul. Folks are always friendly there, particularly as most have been enjoying their spirits for several rounds before your arrival. Among the regulars always ready to share a tale is Sergio Acosta. With appearances and starring roles in more than two dozen different telenovelas and a dozen films over the past 40 years, Sergio has no idea how many actors he has murdered or how many times he has been killed. Despite his amiable smile in person, he tends to play the bad guy.

Maybe let’s not say adios, but, instead, hasta la proxima vez.

Entrevista Sergio Acosta Como Dice el Dicho

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