Postcard from Guanajuato, Mexico: Try to save room for an affogato

Pouring espresso over gelato for affogatos at Estacion Gelato

We had mourned the loss of Le Midi in Guanajuato, but were pleased to find a tasty newcomer had filled its lofty upstairs quarters – Costal Cultura Cafetera. Place an order for their croquetas while pondering choices. Both the tacos filled with tender octopus and the ceviche tostadas made great starters. The two variations of ancho chiles rellenos were rich in flavor, one filled with a ground beef mixture and the other with corn and cheese. The shrimp topping a salad with mangos were not abundant, but were perfectly cooked, and the chicken breast filled with spinach and goat cheese was flavorful and moist.

Bountiful platters of grilled vegetables drew us back to the rooftop deck of Oajillo Gastro Bar several times. The casual spot attracts a large crowd of 20-year-olds in the evening, but during the afternoons it is peaceful for dining. The tapas and tacos are popular, but the real stars are dishes like black aguachile shrimp and the tender tuna tataki.

Far removed from the bar scene is Los Huacales, where you can find inexpensive regional Mexican dishes. Probably not the first stop for someone just flying into Mexico, but Delica Mitsu Campanero, another bargain, is so on target when you are ready for something different. The bento box allows you to pick five items from the glass case, and the curry bathing the shrimp is wonderful. A bonus since we were last in Guanajuato is that Delica Mitsu now even offers beer for about $2 a bottle.

Not an easy assignment at all, but, when eating out in Guanajuato, try to save room for gelato at Estacion Gelato. The rooftop perch, for those nimble enough to scale the ladderlike stairway, offers a beautiful view, but I found the affogatos taste just as perfect at ground level.

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