Postcard from Zaragoza, Spain: Vowing to map out street-art stalking

Above: “No al Maltrato Animal,” #savethechicken

There are pockets in Zaragoza full of street art, but somehow our meandering paths this past spring did not stumble across many of them. The city’s efforts to turn abandoned buildings into artists’ canvases through its Festival Asalto can be found here, a website I wish I’d tracked down while there.

So this post combines a few of our snapshots of art seen on the streets with artistic commercial signs and will remind me to do a minimal amount of research before striking out on long urban walks on future trips.

corto maltese
Photo of one of Hugo Pratt’s prints of Corto Maltese from an exhibition at Musee d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux.

The signs outside Corto Maltese Bar pay tribute to the comic book hero made famous by Hugo Pratt. We encountered a major tribute to the artist in the Musee d’Aquitaine last year in Bordeaux. Scroll to the bottom of that post for a few images spotlighting the well-researched, and always thrilling, adventures of the globe-trotting Corto Maltese.

Pratt never would have missed maps with clues indicating where to find adventure, and certainly not something as obvious as street art, in charting a trip for Corto Maltese.

Murals for the 2022 edition of Festival Asalto will be installed between October 20 and 30 in Barrio de Santa Isabel in Zaragoza.

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