Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Always high season for calaveras

So many calaveras pop up in Oaxaca, one would think these photos represent newcomers to the street scene added to herald the approach of Day of the Dead.

But I must confess, the timeliness is coincidental. These “postcards” of street art date from mid-August.

Calaveras and catrinas never are out of season in Oaxaca.


Postcard from Budapest, Hungary: Brightening up bare walls

Blank walls in the area of Budapest known for ruin pubs make seductively tall canvases for street artists. A façade rehabilitation project enlisted Neopaint Works to transform a number of buildings in the neighborhood. Several of our encounters with street art in Budapest are the result of this project. Not sure of the origin of the life-size cut-outs on the balcony above.


Postcard from Valencia, Spain: Stifling the voice of women leads to startling image on street

So wish this powerful image from Valencia was plastered up prominently near the Capitol in Austin to haunt legislators upon entering.

Among the most humorous in this final posting of Valencian street art is the juxtaposition of “Chihuahua Man” above a small children’s playground. And love the dotted cart parked by the artist giving his leopard a final dose of spots.

Of course, the Mister’s favorite is what we referred to as “Our Lady of the Tube Amps.”