Postcard from Valencia, Spain: Stifling the voice of women leads to startling image on street

So wish this powerful image from Valencia was plastered up prominently near the Capitol in Austin to haunt legislators upon entering.

Among the most humorous in this final posting of Valencian street art is the juxtaposition of “Chihuahua Man” above a small children’s playground. And love the dotted cart parked by the artist giving his leopard a final dose of spots.

Of course, the Mister’s favorite is what we referred to as “Our Lady of the Tube Amps.”

Postcard from Valencia, Spain: Street art key ingredient spicing up cityscape

Bare walls assume the role of an admission-free museum with constantly changing exhibits in Valencia. Here’s another sprinkling of the street art we encountered as our walks crisscrossed the city.

Batman’s multiple appearances are not merely due to the release of yet another sequel. The superhero is popular as the bat is a symbol of the city dating from the period it was governed by the Crown of Aragon.

And, as I tended to snap away given the wealth of street art in Valencia, expect a sequel to this installment in the near future.

Postcard from Valencia, Spain: Don’t block the driveway

Guessing the purpose of street art applied to many garage doors in Valencia is two-fold: to alert drivers seeking parking spaces in a competitive environment not to block the driveways and to dissuade both graffiti artists and taggers from assuming the metal louvered doors are blank canvases awaiting their touch.

The same type of louvered doors lowered over shop or business entrances often combine advertising in the colorful artistic expressions characterizing numerous streets.