Calling on souls on their days

Exploring cemeteries while traveling is among my favorite things to do, and here are some memorable places for pondering Day of the Dead or All Saints and All Souls days (click on links to view more photos).

Visiting the cemetery in Romerillo in Chiapas, Mexico, on a misty Day of the Dead was eerily magical.
Mountains of bones from victims of epidemics of long ago fill the cavernous Cimitero delle Fontanelle in Naples, Italy.
Watching from a distance as the faithful groom graves outside of the ruins of an ancient church in San Juan Chamula, Chiapas.
Totally bizarre artistic bone arrangements are found in the Capuchin Museum and Crypt tucked under Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome, Italy.
Mausoleums climb up the hillside in the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa, Italy.
Headstones and crypts in the Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary provide an introduction to the history of the country.
Panteon de Dolores in Mexico City is home to a population of a million old souls.
This blogger balked at entering the underground crypts in Certosa di Bologna in Italy.

Maybe that’s graveyards aplenty for this year’s seasonal commemoration.

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