Around Alamo Plaza: Been a long time, but the signs are still there.

There have been many posts in this blog ranting about haphazard appearance of the front door for many a visitor to San Antonio – the Alamo Plaza Historic District.

Most businesses evidently believe duplicate signs are critical; even the city’s newly remodeled Visitor Information Center has two extra, twin signs flanking its doorways. I thought the Hotel Indigo was going for cool, but apparently not. And, although it’s not in the district, the city’s recently redone plaza with its strangely homuncular statue of Henry B. gets graced with an illegal sandwich board advertising a garage a block away.

There is no need for many words this time; the photos of illegal signs speak for themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have the stomach for more ugly signage greeting our millions of visitors annually, here is a small sampling from older posts:

Please complain about the lack of enforcement of signage regulations in the Alamo Plaza Historic District to your city council representative and consider dialing 311 to report violations you see.

3 thoughts on “Around Alamo Plaza: Been a long time, but the signs are still there.”

  1. Do an email campaign. Write up a sample letter and get it going, then let everybody deluge City Hall, and their councilmen with emails. that you write up. Include email addresses of councilmen and how to find who is your councilman. Also, there is a petition website somewhere.


  2. Hi,
    I watched the slideshow but I don’t know why any of those signs are illegal? Is there an ordinance or law that I can read ?


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