Wishing the State Bar Association Would Apply for that Marker

So sorry the State Bar Association of Texas withdrew the request submitted by its history and preservation committee for a marker on Alamo Plaza honoring early Anglo-American lawyers.  Not because of its merits; it was an ill-conceived project on numerous levels.  And the last thing Alamo Plaza needs is more signage.  There should be a moratorium on signs or markers of any kind on Alamo Plaza. 

But, the application for the marker generated sufficient controversy for San Antonio’s Historic Design and Review Commission actually to plan a site visit to review signage on the plaza.  A tour of the plaza would ensure the commissioners would be slapped in the face by the multitude of signage violations assaulting millions of visitors every year.  

Alas, now the commissioners will remain closeted inside, seemingly oblivious to what is happening in the historic district that is the most popular visitor destination in Texas.

Note Added on June 30:  Sam’s the man!  Sam Perez is the city’s code enforcement officer downtown who is in charge of trying to keep the sidewalks free of sandwich boards and other clutter.  He has his hands full, but he has made several sweeps through Alamo Plaza recently.  Unfortunately, he can do nothing about the illegal signage in the windows – not his department.

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