Don’t Procrastinate in Viewing Pair of Art Exhibits

It’s a long drive from downtown out to David Shelton Gallery, so, despite being interested in several shows, I procrastinated visiting for a long time. 

A group show, “Good and Well,” featuring works by Aaron Hans Forland spurred me to action.  Some of Forland’s relatively anonymous unofficial public art installations might have brought a smile to your face as you stopped at traffic lights downtown along Durango; you encounter them unexpectedly on the trap doors at the base of traffic light poles.  It was great to see his talents corralled inside and uptown, and I fell in love with Mimi Kato’s works.  Procrastination in blogging about the Shelton show paid off; Ben Judson wrote an extensive review for San Antonio Current.

Found it a lot easier and a whole lot less time-consuming to walk over to the opening of Say Si‘s Biennial Exhibition that includes new works by Jeannette MacDougall.  Think there are still openings for her painterly retreat in France offered through the Southwest School of Art and Craft.

Update on August 14:  Aaron Hans Forland has a new website showcasing his work.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Procrastinate in Viewing Pair of Art Exhibits”

  1. I just found your blog, it’s nice to find a blog that talks about San Antonio’s good points.
    I’m writing about how to navigate city and state government in Texas. Right now I’m doing a series on Where your property taxes go? and I’ve found that the city has lots of little treasures that many people don’t know about.


      1. Indeed not! Mz Gayle picks her words at their peak of freshness, then flays them with surgical precision and tosses them in the saute pan with plenty of garlic, onions and the hottest chili peppers around. Linguaphiles find plenty to feast on here!


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