Last Farm Standing

Barbara Kingsolver.  San Miguel de Allende.  What could top that? 

Heady following Barbara’s keynote address at the Writers Conference, my daughter Kate and I climbed the steep path by Juarez Park leading to the house we had rented on Chorro.  Checked my day’s email before shaking up a batch of margaritas, and the email from Banks Smith proved more exhilarating than her talk.  Banks reported that the board of the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund had voted to proceed with publishing the book I have written about Max and Minnie – The Last Farm Standing on Buttermilk Hill.  A portion of the couple’s former dairy farm is San Antonio’s newest park – Phil Hardberger Park.

So my first book (not counting the cookbook I edited in the 1980s, Savory Memories of San Antonio) should be in print by late summer.

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