Art Auction Tonight

More than 200 works of art are featured in tonight’s Small Scale 2010 at SAY Si.   My friend Jeannette MacDougall is one of two artists spotlighted in the exhibit, and my niece, Virginia Spencer, who recently had a show at Joan Grona Gallery, has a piece in the auction as well. 

Serving San Antonio’s youth, SAY Sí is a year round, long-term, non-profit multidisciplinary arts program that provides students opportunities to develop artistic and social skills in preparation for higher educational advancement and professional careers.  Tickets are $50 at the door.  

Please pause to ponder and make pithy remarks in front of my pieces. 

If you are outbid in the frantic scramble for either of these two prints, more are available.

One thought on “Art Auction Tonight

  1. AnnPW says:

    I just got off the phone with Jeannette when you sent this to me. Are you going to this event tonight? Pretty posh-posh, huh? Good luck with the bidding!


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