Postcard from Mexico City: Peering at some of her public art

From intimate to monumental in scale, sculpture enhances the streetscape in Mexico City.

Artists, particularly those of the Porfirio period, do not shy from embracing the classic nude. But, I must confess, I could not pass by that one woman sprawling face down on the edge of el Parque Alameda without wondering if she is inviting trouble.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Mexico City: Peering at some of her public art”

  1. Once again, you bring me great comfort and joy!!

    I don’t expect to travel on this scale again. Maybe a few short local jaunts, but no more magical travels. No journeys into the exotic.

    Now, you bring the exotic to me.

    Bless you for doing this…I am sure that many others wait for these postcards just as I do.

    Jerry Geyer

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