Postcards from Rome, Italy: Poseurs hanging out on almost every corner

Not surprising, Rome is well populated with sculpture.

Some offering comfort and protection. Some looking, quite frankly, bored. Many scantily clad.

Here are some shots of a few we encountered rambling around her streets.


Postcard from Mexico City: Peering at some of her public art

From intimate to monumental in scale, sculpture enhances the streetscape in Mexico City.

Artists, particularly those of the Porfirio period, do not shy from embracing the classic nude. But, I must confess, I could not pass by that one woman sprawling face down on the edge of el Parque Alameda without wondering if she is inviting trouble.

Postcard from Budapest, Hungary: Guardians of the streets

People are always found along the streets of Budapest.

The strong, silent type.

They never abandon their posts, ensuring you never walk alone.

Sculpture in Budapest’s parks and plazas and the artistry incorporated in her architecture beckon you to turn corner after corner, continually introducing you to new acquaintances along the way.