Postcard from Madrid: Move over macaron


Time to move past the macaron, I learned today both by word of mouth from Laurence van Strydonck and by taste in mouth on Calle de Villalar in the Salamanca neighborhood. Laden with bags of fresh cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit from a visit to Centro Commercial La Paz Mercado, I was waiting in the shade near her doorway for the Mister to buy some wine nearby.

Communication was easy, as I seem to understand food in almost any language and she spoke fluent English. Belgian-born, raised in France, Cordon-Bleu-trained and living in Spain, Laurence micro-produces hybrid pastries – les petits choux – that are wonderful. Packed with flavorful filling, the outer pastry shell has the crispy texture and taste of Florentine cookies – much better than even the best macaron. Plus, visually they have so much more personality.

The website for Miss Chou Paris is here, but I don’t think the shop’s offering shipping to Texas yet.

Next time I’m wandering nearby, I’m leaning toward tasting Miss Citron Meringue.

Wonder how long it takes a trend like this to jump from Spain to Texas….


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