Postcard from Oaxaca: Slipping into comfortable old habits

La Biznaga was our favorite place to head to for meals five years ago, and it remains so on this visit. Comfortably casual, contemporary Mexican cuisine.

No matter what our food moods are, the menu has something on it to fit. Salads are stunning (see this earlier post); soups are interesting and flavorful. Menu del dia offerings are generous, and now the kitchen even makes smaller dishes from the “deli” available to order in the restaurant.

If that were not enough, we think La Biznaga hands-down makes the best margarita in town – tart, deep and potent. And we’ve sampled many.

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Plus, the servers bring you Oaxacan chocolates with your check.

1 thought on “Postcard from Oaxaca: Slipping into comfortable old habits”

  1. I love that place, too. Oaxaca has to have the very best food in Mexico, and you’ve made my mouth water every time you describe the dishes and post their photographs. Enjoy your remaining days in culinary heaven!


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