Post-Thanksgiving thought: Why 1963 was a very good year

This represents another re-post from two years ago. Since I re-recognized the genius of Dorcas Reilly (Hey, is that actually even a green bean casserole sitting in this oven?), it only seems fair to re-mention my favorite Thanksgiving-related invention:

1963: Innovations in the kitchen, while even more helpful, begin to grow more complex. The P-7 self-cleaning oven is introduced. In developing the oven, which uses a pyrolytic system to remove food soil, GE engineers are granted some 100 patents.

While it took about another two decades for a self-cleaning oven to enter any of the houses in which we have lived, what a great invention GE brought to life.

Last night I pressed a button, and this morning I woke up to find all traces of Thanksgiving had vanished from my oven.

3 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving thought: Why 1963 was a very good year”

  1. Thanks! Our high school class of ’63 is planning our 50th reunion next year on Facebook. Forgot about the turquoise appliances, I’ll have to post this for them. No telling how many pictures we will come up with!


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