Worst Urban Front Door Award: Alamo Plaza Hall of Shame

Didn’t really want to go here again. Blame it on the Downtown Alliance. The organization has added a Best Urban Front Door category to its annual Best Awards. “Best” is important in this category, and I only wish they had established a “Worst” category as well to underscore just how important. Recognition in this category could be used to shame property owners into cleaning up their acts, similar to the strident efforts in Webster, Massachusetts, discussed on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation today.

In an earlier post (Okay, in post after post), I identified some of the welcoming signs and entrances found within the Alamo Plaza Historic District.  The “Welcome to the Basement” sign setting the upscale fashion tone for the club was my favorite for the opposite effect it has. The Basement now has added a second ugly, illegal sign that should make it a logical candidate in a rather competitive environment for the ugliest entryway (Please refer to earlier posts to view additional possibilities around the plaza.).

But its neighboring shop on the other side of Fuddrucker’s frontage absolutely blows away the multitude of contestants around the plaza seemingly vying for the Worst Urban Front Door award (The wart built to hawk audio tours at the Alamo does not count because it is not the Alamo’s front door.).

Nominations for the Best Awards are closed, but nominations for the Alamo Plaza Hall of Shame remain open until no qualified candidates remain.

Just when I thought it could not get any worse update at 9:58 p.m. on March 8, 2011:  Sarah forwarded photos to me of hawkers lurking around the entrance of the Alamo to solicit business for the Alamo’s new green screen.

Being squawked at by hawkers promoting fake Alamo photos at the door is a new low. Of course, one of the reasons you need to pose in front of the Alamo on a green screen is that is the only way to take photos out front without having them include Alamo staff at tables selling audio tours and, now, the hawkers. What is the selling point? “Hey lady, if you want a photo without me in it, you have to come pay for it around back?”

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