Let the Alamo Guardians Retaliate

No official comments from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas have been submitted to any of the posts about The Alamo on this blog; so it seems only fair to share their official stance on diverse topics with readers.  Sort of an equal-time kind of thing. 

This way to give the custodians of The Alamo their opportunity to vent about attacks against them in the media is courtesy of The Alamo Wake-Up Call Channel on YouTube.

May 13 Update“Another Battle Brews at The Alamo”

June 18 Update“DRT Now Under State Investigation”; Attorney General Gregg Abbott’s Request to Examine DRT; related editorial; and Alamo without Director

June 23 Update:  Reports on the saga continue:  “Hopefully, we will be successful in narrowing the scope and extending the time window, as DRT is in the middle of gathering information for our upcoming audit,” Atkins wrote.

July 1 Update:  Editorial pointing out the Alamo’s cracked roof as symbolic of the DRT’s problems.

Update on October 19John Branch editorial cartoon:

2 thoughts on “Let the Alamo Guardians Retaliate”

  1. The Alamo has been added to THIS PLACE MATTERS. Read about The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s “This Place Matters” program at
    http://www.preservationnation.org/take-action/this-place-matters/ .

    Then download a sign and get somebody to take your picture in front of the building, or neglected cemetery. If you can’t download the sign, or figure out how to upload the photos, just ask me I figured it out.

    You can post the photos on their Facebook page and Flickr


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