Postcard from Puebla, Mexico: Linking the art of the past to the present

Although an earlier post dragged you straight to the rooftop of Museo Amparo, that by no means indicates the inside of the stunningly rehabilitated former hospital dating from 1538 should be skipped.

The core of the museum’s collection is comprised of more than 1,700 Pre-Columbian artifacts. Many of the antiquities are on loan from the private collection of Jacqueline Larralde and Josue Saenz.

The museum also showcases contemporary art, striving to stimulate “dialogue between art, history, the present, the roots and the people of Mexico.”

So eerie that the man in the cone-shaped hat seemed to turn, smiling ever so slightly as he watched the video of his dancing descendants. If he had not suffered the misfortune of losing his hands at some point during the past several centuries (perhaps among “those things that fall through the cracks in the floor”), surely he would have clapped.

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