Traveling around the world via accordion….

Started in San Antonio on the banks of the river with Santiago Jimenez, Jr. But then, only a short stroll away at the International Accordion Festival in La Villita, Mahala Nola transported us to Bulgaria and Serbia. Then we switched to music sounding as though it was being performed along the Seine by Musette Explosion, a trio based in New York City.

Paused between stages for a Pakistani kebab from Rickshaw Stop.

Then went back riverside for the ruckus-causing group Buyepongo from Los Angeles. And we ended up listening to Russian-Ukranian-conjunto(?) played by the Flying Balalaika Brothers.

And that was in only four hours. If you are reading this before 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 12, stop and zip over to La Villita before it’s too late. Incredible music rarely heard in one venue, and it’s admission-free.

3 thoughts on “Traveling around the world via accordion….”

    1. So envious. Always wanted to play, but fall way too far behind in the coordination department. Playing in Oaxaca would be fun, but your immediate neighbors might force you into practicing on the street…. Do you know a child you could borrow to collect tips?


  1. Sí, subjecting my neighbors to my labored rendition of Cielito Lindo (yes, learned it when I was ten) is what has kept it in the “pipe dream” (or should that be “bellows” dream?) category. 😉

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