Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Random rambling her ‘calles’

For me, the featured photo of this kaleidoscopic collage formed from relaxing strolls along the streets of Oaxaca symbolizes the vibrant, interactive role her churches and their plazas play in the daily lives of her inhabitants. People spill out from celebrations of Mass into a continual series of fiestas contributing to the constant changes of the tempo and mood of every corner of the city.

3 thoughts on “Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: Random rambling her ‘calles’

  1. Susan Toomey Frost says:


    I loved your photos! Here’s a small album I posted to Facebook from my trip in 2011:

    I’ve asked Craig to send me the photos he took last week. I took fewer than a dozen pictures the entire time we were there. Here we are at Mitla:



  2. Susan – Your 2011 photos are great, but I can’t see your current photo…. Can’t believe we didn’t cross paths this week. Although surely we did…. Just not at the same moment. We’ll have to compare tales later.


  3. Gayle, thank you for sharing your experience in Oaxaca. It’s one of the cities in Mexico that we’d love to visit.

    Thank you for following my blog as well. Since it will be moved to a new platform, please sign up with the mailing list to continue receiving new posts:

    Happy New Year, Gayle!


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