Neighborhood memories embedded in the walk

dances-at-auditoriumDances at Municipal Auditorium They’d

bring a rope down the middle and

blacks would dance on one side

whites on the other side

Sometimes the rope would fall down

and no one said anything

Varied our morning walk and was reminded of one of my favorite sidewalk-art sites in Southtown – neighbors’ remembrances embedded around the pocket park on South Presa. This one seems appropriate with the completed transformation of Municipal Auditorium into the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

The walk also took me by an old haunt, the un-graves of the Meier Brothers.

And here’s the transformation of the auditorium to the Tobin Center as viewed from the offices of Marmon Mok. No rope down the middle.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood memories embedded in the walk”

  1. The time lapse was most interesting and informative. It clearly shows how the entire interior layout was re-configured. It’s also obvious that the building has a new axis that is separate from the facade. On the inside that axial transition is likely not so apparent. Most event attendees will not even notice that shift of a few degrees.

    I had several meetings with Steve Souter last summer and I remember how he had a camera secured in place inside Marmon and Mok’s conference room on the 16th floor. It’s great fun to see the result of that effort.


  2. Thanks pal. Spectacular story. Now I have to go find that sidewalk on South Presa. Papa’s doctor’s office was on South Presa. 🙂


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