Postcard from Porto: Elevating Street Art

We appear on a pilgrimage to follow celebrations of street art – Oaxaca this past fall and Colonia Guadalupe in San Miguel de Allende in February – but it’s purely coincidence.

Porto’s City Council multiplied those projects multifold by commissioning art for the streets and spread throughout seven floors of a surprisingly vacant building on the elegant and broad Avenida dos Aliados. According to the brochure for Street Art Axa Porto, the indoor/outdoor exhibition running from April 30 to June 1 is:

designed to pay homage to urban art, namely street art made in Porto. The combination of Porto-born artists and great international names will certainly highlight Porto and its renowned street artists, as far as national and international street art is concerned marking a beginning for other City Council’s projects related with this kind of artistic expression.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We haven’t encountered many of the official outdoor projects, but we are operating with a map identifying only about every 10th street of Porto. Navigation is tricky in the historic center. While I might wander in circles for an hour seeking a specific dining destination, striking out for street art with the same enthusiasm is not in me. Seven flights of stairs and seven floors of graffiti and street art temporarily have quenched thirst for the art form. More old-school tiles, please.


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