Postcard from San Miguel: Things work differently here…

Need a water tank removed from a rooftop?

Hey, we don’t need no stinking crane.


Just need a couple of guys with strong backs, some long pieces of wood nailed together on the spot and some rope…


…Lots of rope because some of it tends to break as the tank is lowered.

No need to block off the street, because who would pass under a couple of boards nailed together on the spot, supporting a heavy tank suspended by a couple of men with strong backs holding onto the ropes – some of which did not break as the tank was lowered?

Only about a dozen or so pedestrians, one couple on a scooter and one bicyclist.

Hey, it was in the sheltering shadow of the Parrochia, surely offering its blessed protection.


All’s well that end’s well.

Things work differently here.


1 thought on “Postcard from San Miguel: Things work differently here…”

  1. Some friends about 10 years ago bought a corner store on Umuran and Quebrada and turned it into a town house with a spa on the third floor, or roof terrace. They ordered a hot tub and, you guessed it about 8 men came one night after 10PM (when the buses on that street stop running) and they roped that sucker up three stories. I left. I couldn’t stand the suspense and came back the next day to see it INSTALLED and running. I just love the ingenuity and moxie of the people here in SMA.


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