Prescribing a dose of ‘Blue Medicine’

Without true love we just exist

So here we lay in our comfy coffins….

“Comfy Coffins” by Joe Reyes and Erik Sanden

Rather dark-sounding for Valentine’s season. But, after all, February 14 commemorates the date Saint Valentine was beheaded some 17 centuries or so ago – a detail Hallmark certainly let fall through the cracks.

photo by Ramin Samandari
photo by Ramin Samandari

But, despite blue-sounding lyrics, the harmonizing voices of Demitasse – Joe Reyes and Erik Sanden – leave you feeling uplifted. Their songs represent their therapeutic approach to recovering from losing their fathers following long-term illnesses.

The other night Joe Reyes said singing them made him feel grown-up, but the expressions the duo wear don’t look it. The pair sports these impish Vienna-Choir-Boys-type smiles while singing, clearly enjoying every minute they are playing together. And it’s contagious.

Bedlamb Records describes their vocals:

The sound is somewhere between Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, and the Beach Boys on a dark day. Or Elliott Smith on an extremely bright, sunny day. Or John Cale tossing his car keys to Neil Young.

Demitasse’s music went well paired with a hazelnut and arugula salad and a bottle of wine, but form your own opinion by listening here.

Demitasse appears on Tuesday nights this month at the Liberty Bar. The residency comes in advance of the release of Blue Medicine on Bedlamb Records.

There’s no cover, and the music begins at 7 p.m. But don’t wait until 7 if you would like a seat at a table.

Going will cure what ails you.

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