Biannual survey of what you are reading on my blog

You, one of the few who actually reads this blog, have failed me. As usual, the subject matter of the most-read posts is all over the map, providing me no guidance of where to head.

gun-posterExcept guns at the Alamo. And I really prefer not to write about guns. The popularity of those posts rose because they were circulated widely among those who want to brandish arms publicly, so much that I felt compelled to move away from the window while typing so not to serve as an easy target.

Drummer Phil Collins’ promotion of Two Roads to the Alamo* and the Conservation Society Book Awards on his facebook page kept it hovering near the top. People from all over the world clicked on his link, disappointed to find out it was mainly about me.

The number in parentheses represents the rankings from six months ago:

  1. Please come and take them away from San Antonio, 2013
  2. Two Roads to the Alamo* and the Conservation Society Book Awards (1), 2013
  3. George Hutchings Spencer, 1923-2013 (4), 2013
  4. The State surrenders the Alamo; Run for Cover, 2013
  5. Library Foundation flapping red cape for the bullish on books (6), 2013
  6. The Memorable Mary Denman (5), 2010
  7. Processing Art through Public Filters, Part Two (7), 2013
  8. Richard Nitschke: Seeing Agave in a Different Light, 2013
  9. “Nuit of the Living Dead” (8), 2010
  10. Please put this song on Tony’s pony, and make it ride away (11), 2010
  11. Sarah’s faces more than a thousand times better, 2013
  12. Cheez Doodles as Art (2), 2011

Don’t blame me if you don’t like where I head next. You have left me totally perplexed. But thanks for trying to hang in there.

1 thought on “Biannual survey of what you are reading on my blog”

  1. Well I always thought a blog should be about what YOU the blogger like to write about. So I always enjoy WHATEVER you post. Take us down that next path…we’ve been forewarned. 🙂


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