Cowgirl tames a new website

cowgirl-no-backLost a week recently. It was all daughter Kate’s fault.

My decade-old website was just sitting there, designed in a program no longer even recognized by servers, so barely functioning.

She suggested it was time for the cowgirl to whip a new, interactive home page into shape.

Of course, that meant this technologically-challenged 60-year-old had to learn a few new tricks. So I downloaded Adobe Muse, which, if you are used to InDesign, is relatively easy to teach yourself through Muse’s video tutorials.

When I finally finished the web design, though, like my old website, my host provider proved non-responsive.

I wanted immediate gratification in uploading my new site. By the third day, my patience evaporated.

So much so that I abandoned my original domain name and jumped ship to Ipage not only responds but is extremely inexpensive.

Anyway, the cowgirl is now encamped at a new home – postcardssanantonio – with much better links back to this blog.

Thanks, Kate. The girl truly was in need of new duds.

Oh, and “Postcards” even tweets now @postcardsfromsa.

3 thoughts on “Cowgirl tames a new website”

  1. There’s no place to comment on the new website. 😦
    I don’t tweet and I don’t twitter,
    Can I just stay over here and be your old website sitter?


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