Digital collages of history continue at King William Art through July 27

To read more about this art exhibit, view the King William Association Newsletter or visit here.

Update on August 5: Nancy Cook-Monroe wrote a fun article about the exhibit in the Express-News. And the prints are still lingering around King William Art but will leave at the beginning of next week.

3 thoughts on “Digital collages of history continue at King William Art through July 27”

  1. Gayle, Nice write-up in today’s (July 27, 2011) Express-News! Speaking of pralines, my best friend’s mother started a praline company 25 years ago in Sinton, Texas, and they are THE BEST! Aunt Aggie De’s Pralines are TDF (to die for) and they make beautiful gifts, too. The creamies are my favorites. When we went to Spain in 2007, that’s what I brought along. If you haven’t had one, do! You can get them at most Walgreen’s. Cheers, Denise


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