Post-Thanksgiving Thought: Why 1963 Was a Very Good Year

1963: Innovations in the kitchen, while even more helpful, begin to grow more complex. The P-7 self-cleaning oven is introduced. In developing the oven, which uses a pyrolytic system to remove food soil, GE engineers are granted some 100 patents.

While it took about another two decades for a self-cleaning oven to enter any of the houses in which we have lived, what a great invention GE brought to life.

Last night I pressed a button, and this morning I woke up to find all traces of Thanksgiving had vanished from my oven.

2 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Thought: Why 1963 Was a Very Good Year”

  1. I guess I should have bought a GE. The one and only time I tried to use my self-cleaning function was about a month before Thanksgiving. Once it locked, we couldn’t get it unlocked until the third repairman came a few days before Thanksgiving to save me. I haven’t used the Self-Clean since, instead I use a silicon oven liner.


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