White Wings Are No Bird-Brains

gaudy eye shadowCan’t stand having the “Deadly Scenario” post as the lead.  Need to supplant it with something peaceful – doves.

Anyone with a bird feeder knows what gorging gourmands doves are.  Often one of them sits on the window sill by my desk, peering at me with eyes encircled with  the same shade of iridescent blue eyeshadow I would apply in eighth grade once out of my parents’ sight on the way to CYO Friday night dances.

Seems as though more and more white wings are in the city each year.  And, according to the San Antonio Express-News, volunteers are out there attempting to count them:

White-winged doves first nested in citrus trees in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  However, since a freeze in the 1980s, they’ve shifted populations to more urban areas.  Bexar County has the most, about 7 percent of the total.

Do ornithologists really believe the doves moved here because of a freeze? Would you rather dine at an urban restaurant where a loving owner watches you enjoy your meal, or feed in the country where the man who leaves food for you stands nearby waiting to shoot you dead?

1 thought on “White Wings Are No Bird-Brains”

  1. Every morning, about 20 white wing doves dine at my house. The most I’ve counted is about 40, the extra ones show up during hunting season. Recently they have ganged up on the squirrel and taken over his corn. I’ll send you a picture.


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