The Magical Powers of the Camera

While I am blogging frivolously about “potty art” and “molecular gastronomy,” friend and photojournalist Vic Hinterlang is spending his time documenting daily life in Haiti.  Always wondered how he managed to stand his ground through the years snapping photographs when guns seem aimed his way, and a recent post explains the magical, invincible powers of his camera:

Vic Hinterlang photo of surgery being performed in the tent hospital operated by Doctors without Borders, Hopital St. Louis, in Haiti

At this point I was given the all clear to photograph, for which I was grateful, and not just because I was looking forward to taking pictures.  As is always the case, once I had the camera to my eye, what was occurring on the other side of it didn’t affect me personally.  The second I looked through the viewfinder, any queasiness I’d been feeling vanished.

The camera must make him feel invisible, much the same way I feel emboldened by a false sense of anonymity blogging.  Although, hiding behind a keyboard certainly affords better protection than a camera.

January 8, 2011, Update:  Vic is back in Haiti and posting on his blog.

March 23, 2011, Update: Vic’s returned to Haiti with Aristide and is blogging again.

Update on August 25, 2011: Oh, and then there’s Juarez in August 2011. San Lorenzo must have been looking after him and his magic camera there.

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