The Best Halloween


Circa 1997, maybe. Pumpkin Monster absconded with our daughter Kate.

The only flaw was small children truly were frightened, and one brave girl kept hitting Pumpkin Monster’s legs and yelling at him to let her go. Unfortunately, Pumpkin Monster’s legs actually were Kate’s real legs.

Kate and the Mister spent a week or two working on this contraption trying to make it light enough so she could carry Pumpkin Monster on her back.

The costume ended up winning first prize at a large party a few days before Halloween.

But that is not what made this the best Halloween ever.

The Mister was out of town on business that night so he missed the contest. This is what Kate left on the kitchen counter to find when he returned.


Not just a thanks, but a “dobble thanks” from the future English major. And that’s what made that year the best Halloween ever. The road warrior tucked the note in his wallet and still has it today.

Happy Halloween!

Recommended Halloween reading: my favorite David Sedaris story, “Nuit of the Living Dead” from Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

Or, for a local touch, try my “ghost” posts:

2 thoughts on “The Best Halloween”

  1. VERY clever costume and great post! Thanks for sharing………I have a little note from one of my children that I cherish and have carried for many, many years. It’s not in very good shape any longer, but just touching the paper warms my heart.


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