Postcard from Lisboa, Portugal*: Scouring the Skyline

Lisboa’s layers flow over hills and dales, providing numerous high vantage points with spectacular overlooks.

Of course, one has to scale them. But the views are so worth it.

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Gazing out over the red tile rooftops made me extra-sad subsequent owners removed the old (okay, maybe leaky) tiles on the roof of our former house in Olmos Park.

* Remember in the old days how you would be home from Europe for about a month before people would finally begin receiving your postcards in the mail? Several of the upcoming posts on this blog will be reminiscent of that slow delivery system.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Lisboa, Portugal*: Scouring the Skyline”

  1. I have loved this series of Postcards! One of my vivid memories of Lisbon was the laundry – everywhere –
    wafting in the breeze. So much of this country remains unsullied by “touristy” attractions.


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