Postcard from Lisboa, Portugal: Bringing home the groceries

Requesting they not overload bags, sometimes I have been known to whine to checkers at grocery stores about having a second-floor kitchen at home. A flight of stairs separates the car from our kitchen. But our apartment in Lisboa might have reformed me permanently.

There is a fairly large grocery store close to our apartment. As a pigeon flies. But as a person walks, a few flights of stairs must be navigated when bringing home the goods.

These photos represent the climb. One photo is shot downward, not because that is the direction we get to go but because a restaurant’s umbrellas blocked the view of some of the stairs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Motivated by a sale on a favorite bottle of wine, the Mister has made a couple of extra sprints back and forth without me.

At the base of the first flight of stairs is one of the hole-in-the-wall ginjinha bars. Ginjinha is an extremely fortified cherry-flavored beverage served in shot glasses – think an adult-version of Luden’s cough drops on steroids. Although it doesn’t have to be thrown down in one-gulp multiples the way Anthony Bourdain did before staggering off down a street.

As we carried up a supply of groceries/wine this afternoon, I was wondering if a one-shot stop at the base would be helpful.

What would Anthony do?

6 thoughts on “Postcard from Lisboa, Portugal: Bringing home the groceries

  1. says:

    Never pass a shot of mescal or tequila, either!


  2. Tarrall says:

    This will have a real influence on the food you buy. Sorry the video was not available in our country.


  3. annetbell says:

    Such a fun city !


  4. Janet says:

    OMG – The Loft is a breeze!


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