An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Thirteen

the immortal alamo

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Andrew Stevens, November 1911

“Honey from Solms Apiary. The finest in the country, Andy. This nectar comes not from some common native American bee.” 

The Colonel has been waxing eloquent over a jar of honey for the past five minutes. Andy knits his eyebrows together and keeps his lips sealed tightly. Struggling, mightily struggling, to stifle the yawn rising from deep in his throat.

“The Carnacian bees that made this honey were imported to New Braunfels from high in the Alps. The Solms Apiary has sixty-two colonies of these bees, and the queens are prolific layers.”

Running later than normal, Mr. K steps briskly into his office. “Queens? Queen Emma held me prisoner in the kitchen this morning. Blocked my escape route with her chair and locked the wheels until she had no more words to unleash on me. I knew it was risky taking her to the Busches’ gilded celebration. Seems I neglected to mark our recent anniversary with tributes befitting royalty, and she wants to ensure I never make such a blunder again. How the Sultan can bear a whole harem of wives is beyond me. 

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Nine

Above, Houston Street streetcar approaches Alamo Plaza

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Andrew Stevens, July 1911

“I feel deeply slighted you have not spent more evenings with me during our wives’ absence, Otto,” scolds the Colonel jokingly. “We should devote more time to late-night cards and drinks.” He winks. “Wenn die Katze aus dem Haus ist, the mice will dance. Instead, you lie awake late at night stewing over politics.”

Although Mr. K is sometimes a bit mysterious about his whereabouts, Andy is confident the two gentlemen are family men. Not the types to stray at all. 

Clearing his throat and glancing at Andy, Mr. K replies, “Colonel, we are much too devoted to our wives to do any carousing in their absence. Besides, they’d string us out to dry like venison jerky in a smokehouse if we did.”

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An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Eight

vote wet or dry

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Former Governor Thomas Mitchell Campbell, July 1911

Thomas should not have stayed out of the fray so long. The election is too close. Too critical. 

As soon he heard Governor Colquitt was returning to San Antonio, he knew he was morally obligated to counter efforts to rally the wets in San Antonio. A city where there is no shortage of wets.

He sizes up the crowd at the Airdome. There must be more than 1,000 people shaded, ironically, from the late afternoon sun by the towering new Pearl Beer sign facing Alamo Plaza.

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