Postcard from Lecce, Italy: Baroque flamboyance found up, down, all around

lecce dog on balcony

Ambling around the narrow streets in Lecce is the major activity and always rewarding. The figurative brackets supporting balconies are particularly amusing for boulevardiers.

The mosaic flooring is found inside and outside the apartment in Palazzo Pio, where we stayed.


Postcard from Genoa, Italy: Reflections of a few architectural embellishments

Wandering, sometimes lost, through the tangled maze of narrow, primarily pedestrian streets in Genoa’s medieval center, one is rewarded by a myriad of handsome, and sometimes downright quirky, architectural details.

Time to get lost and encounter unexpected details along the way… a luxury of slow travel.

Postcard from Budapest, Hungary: Distracting details in all directions

Keeping me moving at any kind of even pace through Budapest would be impossible unless you put a gimme cap atop my head and blinders on the arms of my glasses. Maybe a whip to crack would be required as well.

So many distractions everywhere you glance. I’ve been doling out random photos of them gradually, and here are a few more.