Is Anybody Watching Alamo Plaza?

In this morning’s San Antonio Express-News, Scott Huddleston opens a story with:  “Alamo preservationists are gearing up to fight plans for a streetcar line on land that they say should be closed to traffic out of reverence for the 1836 battlefield.”

But where are the “preservationists” now?  When will they make the Daughters of the Republic of Texas pop-down the pop-up*?

Have these “preservationists” who remember the Alamo as “twice-hallowed ground” walked on Alamo Plaza during spring break?  If this land is hallowed, the halo has just about slipped completely off.  

Unfortunately, I am awaiting the mailman’s delivery of a new battery for my camera, but the everyday sidewalk intrusion in front of Pat O’s has been multiplied ten-fold, or more.  There are hawkers galore, and the front of Fuddrucker’s resembles an out-of-control flea market.   

Does anyone even remember Alamo Plaza is an historic district?

And, holy coonskin caps, just as I was closing this post, a fellow blogger broke the news to me that Fess Parker – the first crush of many a boomer girl – has passed away.

In the Express, Huddleston quotes Bob Benavides, chairman of the San Antonio Living History Association and a Son of the Republic of Texas, as worrying the proposed streetcar line will “take away the magic.”  I fear the “magic” might already be in the same state as Fess Parker.

Note added on March 23:  Perhaps the DRT is in need of instructions on how to take down a pop-up?   I particularly like the wording of Step No. 5: 

Once stood on its side whilst still holding the ‘fabric taco’ together with one hand, use your other hand to grab the poles at the top furthest away from you.  Pull these poles down towards the ground and towards you at the same time.  The tent should fold in on itself and resemble a multilayered disc.

This website warns that, on brand new pop-ups, “the poles are very resistant to folding and will try to re-erect themselves so please be careful.”  As the one at the Alamo might never have been folded, maybe that is the problem.  Try as they might, it keeps re-erecting itself.  Maybe they could purchase a heavy duty roller bag for $76.98.

Note Added on April 27:  Hallelujah!  Maybe they read the instructions.  Bless the DRT.

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