Postcard from Valladolid, Spain: Offering you final virtual menu from 2022 trips

Above, Pide por esa Boquita croquetas

Croquetas start out many a meal in Spain, so it only seems appropriate to feature one more plate. The above is definitely a recommended one – a split order of croquetas with half squid ink and half cecina and membrillo at Pide por esa Boquita. The small restaurant felt bright and contemporary and attracted us back for a repeat visit. The seasonal salads were creative; lobster and vegetables were prepared in a not-too-heavy tempura batter; and the tuna tataki merited ordering again.

It was nice to spice things up for a change of pace at Indian Aderezo. The samosas were filled plumply, and the curried vegetables and garbanzos suited us well.

Filled with locals, Restaurante Niza offered us our requisite Italian fix.

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Postcard from Toulouse, France: Flavors with a different accent

Above: Vegetarian version of the generous planches found at Prosciutteria

When traveling and eating out every day, sometimes you crave breaking out of the regional mode. A wild abundance of vegetables was our goal when we ducked into Prosciutteria on Rue des Filatiers. We found ourselves well-rewarded with a vegetarian appetizer board, so abundant we shared and ordered nothing else. Well, aside from wine. Subsequently, we found their salads and bruschetone equally as fresh and good.

Rue des Filatiers was our neighborhood, so we tried several other casual spots there as well, all with fine street-side people-watching opportunities. We found ourselves grabbing amply filled empanadas to-go for cocktail-hour snacks from El Almacen – Empanadas. Miss Fish appeared to be brand new, or only recently reopened, and boasted a nice variety of seafood. It seems a place that should prove particularly popular with British travelers missing their fish and chips.

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Postcard from Bordeaux, France: French and other worldly flavors

Above: Grilled fresh sardines at La Pointe Chartrons

We’ve taken you to eat, virtually only, in Bordeaux’s Marche des Capucins and along Rue du Ha, so now we’re going to wander willy-nilly through the city for a final wrap-up of restaurants we sampled.

Located along the Quai des Chartrons, Pastel was among our favorite contemporary French restaurants in Bordeaux. Lunch requires reservations, and, waiting late, we only succeeded in obtaining those once. The soft lemony cheese appetizer with eggplant and tomato confit was particularly refreshing and memorable.

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