For us, Christmas San Antonio-style means Mi Tierra

Every Christmas Day save two of the past 40 years has found us hoisting margaritas and brunching at Mi Tierra Café y Panaderia, the heart of San Antonio’s Market Square since 1941.

We are far from alone celebrating in the restaurant known for its festive over-the-top Christmas decorations, most of which remain year-round. Seemingly thousands of other San Antonians choose to embrace the city’s Tex-Mex roots for the holiday. Year after year after year.

Wait time for a table hovers around an hour, but that provides the opportunity to take a number at the bakery to purchase some of the best and freshest pralines ever to melt in your mouth. And, of course, there is the bar.

Feliz Navidad!

Postcard from Oaxaca, Mexico: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, albeit in a different zipcode

I used to buy boxes of Christmas cards. Good intentions. Always unsent.

But I think this should count. It even includes our holiday self-portrait, all sombreroed-up to shade us from the afternoon sun, still intense during this season of the winter solstice.

Feliz Navidad to ya’ll, and to ya’ll a good noche.