Postcard from Cadiz, Spain: Friendly since Phoenician times

This Phoenician woman appeared so friendly in the Cadiz Museum, as though welcoming us to town. Her wave in this post can be considered “adios” because these snapshots are our parting ones.

Love the sensuous Solomonic columns we encountered in random locations, the colorful azulejos benches and the braid left in a church alongside milagros. I had never seen a braid offered in gratitude for a prayer believed answered outside of churches in Mexico.

Next stop Cordoba.

Postcard from Bologna, Italy: Knockers and Locks

The ancient, massive, carriage-size doors – so heavy that smaller pedestrian entrances often are cut into them – of Bologna’s numerous palaces require substantial knockers. As architectural details throughout the city reflect, residents value form as much as function.

Here are a few of the imaginative knockers and locks, some threatening in order to dissuade evil spirits from crossing thresholds, encountered during our wanderings.