Postcard from Budapest, Hungary: Artistry of blacksmithing enhances architecture

The imaginative contributions of blacksmiths are among the embellishments that make wandering the streets of Budapest as pleasurable as exploring the galleries of an enormous museum.


Postcard from Campeche, Mexico: Are any two cornices alike?

The streets of the historic center of Campeche resemble ribbon-like rainbows, with lines of colorful houses directly abutting the sidewalks and one another. Although most structures are a single story or two high, their height is increased because interior ceilings soar at least 16 feet upward to keep warmer air hovering above.

Strolls are not boring because of the varying shades of stucco and the amazing number of distinctive patterns embellishing soffits and cornices. If any two facades sport the exact same ornamentation, we failed to spot the pair.

Postcard from Puebla, Mexico: Architectural Trumpism


You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes….

Donald Trump, August 2015

Architectural embellishment encountered on the streets of Puebla, August 2015