Tried to Forget the Alamo….

Have kept my lips zipped for a remarkable amount of time, but find it frustrating everyone ignores the fact there is such a thing as the Alamo Plaza Historic District.  And in this district, sandwich boards are not allowed

One would think the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, as custodians of the Alamo, would be zealots about complying with the signage codes designed to protect the integrity of the area.  But no.

As for the ice cream and sandwich signs on the opposite side of the plaza, code compliance already has notified this business the signs are illegal.  City staff leaves, and the signs come spilling right back out onto the building’s facade and sidewalk.  Couldn’t they just be confiscated?

3 thoughts on “Tried to Forget the Alamo….”

  1. What do you expect from a group that doesn’t want to “commercialize” the Alamo, but only want to protect it! Please! Start taking care of the Alamo, and have less “poodle & pony shows”! Oh, excuse me, but the DRT can do whatever they want and NOT have to answer to anyone! As for the “historically correct” businesses across the Plaza, are the powers that be turning a blind eye, or do they just not care? It seems that there are quite a few employed by the city that seem to be dropping the ball!


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