Spectacular illumination projects city’s colorful history on San Fernando Cathedral

These photographs from 2014 are not great, but reposting them to refresh a suggestion for an outing appropriate for these times – entertaining, outdoors and admission-free on a plaza large enough to allow ample room for spreading out.

The painterly projection of Xavier de Richemont‘s San Antonio Saga (click there for much better photographs) sweep masterfully across the façade of San Fernando Cathedral, founded by Canary Islanders in 1731. Accompanied by lively music, the massive kaleidoscopic collages mesmerize those on Main Plaza.

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Seeing San Fernando Cathedral in a new light….

So easy to be lazy about something when you know you have ten years to see it. Plus, I must confess, I feared Xavier de Richemont’s San Antonio Saga might be a sanitized, preachy-teachy version of San Antonio’s history.

But the painterly projections of the Algerian-born Frenchman are accompanied by music as they sweep masterfully across the façade of San Fernando Cathedral. The massive kaleidoscopic collages quiet the crowd, mesmerized by the colorful images dominating Main Plaza.

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The Main Plaza Conservancy has made a major contribution to the downtown landscape with this installation, and the Archdiocese of San Antonio is wonderful to offer the Cathedral as a canvas for the light show four nights a week. A video is not the same as being there, but hopefully will convince you to drag everyone you know downtown for the admission-free show.