Seduced away from intellectual pursuits by the sounds of the squeezebox….

Last year during the Texas State Book Fair in Austin, my daughter and I left the Paramount Theatre inspired by the words of Margaret Atwood.  As much as I love hearing great authors muse on their writings and on the art of writing itself, this year I felt conflicted.  Why would someone have scheduled the Book Fair on the same weekend as the International Accordion Festival?

I’m weak.  The squeezebox won.

Funding woes put a little bit of a squeeze on the Accordion Festival’s schedule this year – one stage instead of two, not as many groups from distant lands, not as many good food booths – but, hey, it’s admission-free and almost in my backyard.  Missed some of the performances, but enjoyed Copper BoxOrgullo Vallenato and Debra Peters and the Love Saints.  And then there was the hometown band that blew everyone away with a sound like Brave Combo on speed – Piñata Protest.

Only hope the festival can grow back to two stages next year and does not conflict with the Texas State Book Fair.

Note Added on October 25:  The “Arty Semite” blogs about Socalled’s set, which I unfortunately missed.

1 thought on “Seduced away from intellectual pursuits by the sounds of the squeezebox….”

  1. I think the International Accordion Festival is San Antonio’s most wonderful festival. I had to work all weekend, but I snuck away with my husband to see the last three acts on Sunday night. All terrific! I’m going to write about the festival on my blog in early September so that out-of-towners have time to make their reservations. I, like you, hope that next year’s festival goes back to having the two big stages. I missed the Maverick Stage. I know that it all comes down to funding (lack of). Sigh.


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