Postcards from Oaxaca: Bristling with cacti and stunning tulipan

Tulipan Africano. Towering trees covered with magnificent orange blossoms visible from far away and showering the sidewalks below them are the most striking plants in the midst of the urban landscape of Oaxaca City.

Yes, more Oaxaca leftovers.

These range from cacti and agave of the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca adjacent to the monastery at Santo Domingo to a pot atop the patio of our apartment.

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Postcards from Oaxaca: Still some unsent

One might think the supply of “unsent postcards” from Oaxaca City would be exhausted by now. But when the Mister and I wander for a month camera in hand, digital overload results. Thought the random juxtaposition of advertisements in the photo above was representative of this group resulting from random roaming.

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